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Data Storage Solutions

Today, repositories are one of the most crucial and indispensable resources of corporations. As corporations grow, the number of employees increase and the social and commercial structure of the corporations become complicate over the years, the significance of information increases. Data storage solutions offered by NexGen will provide you with more efficient, scalable and manageable systems. The advantages these products offer are listed below;

  • Performance
  • Efficient Use of the Capacity
  • Redundancy
  • Business Continuity
  • Flexibility

Directed Attached Storage (DAS)

This solution occurs with the direct connection of the device where the data will be kept to the storage device.

The device DAS is connected accepts the data storage unit as its own local disk and operates accordingly.

Network Attach Storage (NAS)

This is a system that is accessible by the devices on the network that stores the sent data and provides access to this data, that has an embedded operating system and that is based on the client/server relationship on classic server systems. NAS devices’ capacities can be expanded with additional discs based on the requirements. NAS devices are used instead of a file server due to safety reasons. Since operating systems on NAS devices does not have the client side as in file servers, it is safer against incoming attacks.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

This is the high speed network where shared storage units are located. All storage devices on LAN or WAN become usable by the whole network with the SAN technology. More storage devices can be added into the network and put into the service of units that will store in the network.

Your data will be stored safe with these solutions that are compatible with industrial standards. You can also consult our free consulting services on how to use our solutions which will ensure you are ready for virtualization and disaster scenarios by analyzing existing platforms at your request.