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Integrated Communication Solutions

A communication or collaboration system is a computer based information system used by working groups or corporations to exchange information within or with each other. This data and information exchange is called messaging. Messaging takes place in two dimensions: Time and place. Communication or collaboration systems are used to meet the messaging needs of people who are at different places or at different times at the same place. Messaging can take place with messages sent at different times or can take the form of instant messaging.

Communication and collaboration systems meet the needs of users to share information and act in accordance with each other in three main levels:

  • Coordination
  • Cooperation
  • Collaboration

Communication and collaboration systems are modular and integrated systems developed usually based on client-server architecture. In the client side, Web browsers can be used as well as desktop applications unique to the system. In the server side, a comprehensive communication and collaboration system include these components:

Communication solutions

  • E-mail server.
  • Electronic chat (Internet relay chat; IRC) server.
  • Audio or video conference server.
  • IP Telephone
  • Voice-mail server
  • SMS server
  • Fax Server