IT Consolidation & Virtualization

Virtualization is the act of optimizing the total server efficiency by dividing our physical resource into logical

pieces according to our need. Virtualization reduces the labor loss and costs as well as providing high efficiency

and flexibility to businesses. Virtualization, in other words, is converting a physical structure into a logical one.

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  •  When You Virtualize Your Servers;o Software/Hardware independency: dynamic use of hardware resources via virtualization layero Transparency: It literally works as real hardware,o Quick System Creating: The ability to create many new servers from patterns in a short period

    o Central Management: Managing and reporting of all servers from one center,

    o Licensing: The ability to use one enterprise license for 4 operating system,

    o Reducing the costs of hardware housing and software developing costs by ~40%,

    o Reducing operation costs by ~%70,

    o Increased usability,

    o Scalability at the highest level,

    o It’s possible to guarantee providing the required resources for applications with critical tasks.


    o One operating system for each server

    o Inseparable software and hardware

    o Issues of operating multiple applications on one server (Resource conflicts)

    o Low utilization

    o Non-flexible expensive infrastructure


    o The connection between the operating system and hardware has been removed.

    o The operating system and application have been converted into a separate VM manageable

    o Strong error and security isolation

    o The servers are now hardware independent therefore portable.


    of time,

    within the same hardware by being virtualized.