Outsourcing Services

Outsourcing involves a company receiving service from expert companies outside of its area of expertise and focusing on its main area of expertise. Today, companies can achieve success and even continue their existence by focusing only on their own professional capabilities due to the conditions of competitive business world.

Investments on various areas such as qualified personnel, infrastructure, hardware and software by all sectors have become a necessity in order to meet their needs on the information technologies area which have become crucial over the years. Total cost of these processes is usually very high. Therefore you can meet your information technologies needs with the NexGen’s Outsourcing method in today’s competitive business world where profitability ratios have decreased significantly.

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Services we offer as part of Outsourcing

  • We can summarize it as having personnel for fulltime and part-time or a for couple of days in the week depending on customer’s request.
  • Personnel’s rights and expenditures will be covered by NexGen and we invoice you with a service invoice which you can show as an expenditure.
  • We will provide service sustainability as part of this service by placing other personnel in the cases of a personnel illnesses and leaves.
  • OUTSOURCING- We can summarize it as having personnel fulltime and part-time or a couple of days in the week depending on customer’s request.
  • All actions are reported daily and the service invoice will be submitted to the associated person or department in print or digital depending on your request.